Mold Remediation in Commercial Buildings

The work of mold remediation in commercial, industrial, and school buildings is serious business and one that requires great attention and care. Mold contamination is hazardous and toxic – causing significant health issues.

Mold contamination must be completely removed for the premises. It is not sufficient to kill mold with chemical applications as the allergenic and toxic properties remain. The complete area must be removed. Furnishings and materials that have mold growth cannot be re-used or recycled they must be disposed of with other waste using 6-mil polyethylene sheeting that is double thickness. It is essential to bag and properly secure the mold material before moving it out of the infected area to prevent the spores from spreading.

When mold removal work is done, spores are released into the air and the likelihood of human exposure increases. It is important that anyone engaged in this work or working in the contaminated area properly protect themselves by wearing long gloves, goggles that are fitted, and a respirator that covers both mouth and nose. Attention must be paid to clothing as well as cloth can easily become a carrier to the spores. Paper overalls that can be bagged and sealed with other mold materials are recommended. These precautions are essential not only for the health and safety of the people working or living in a contaminated building but for the workers and employees responsible for the mold remediation.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Mold is a hazardous and potentially deadly substance. Treat is as you would any toxic chemical or risk your own health and safety!