Regulations for Facility Management

If your business resides in a building you own or if you’re working in facility management, you want to be aware of environmental compliance resources. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates many aspects of facilities management but also provides programs and resources to help prevent and re-mediate environmental problems. These opportunities can help your operations and management become more environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.The resources available include:

Compliance: These resources will assist in meeting your facility’s Federal and state regulatory obligations.It is important to remember that failure to comply may result in legal and financial actions taken against your business.

Sustainability: These resources will assist you in developing policies and procedures that go beyond regulations and will show your employees, customers, and the general public that you take environmental protection and stewardship seriously.

Common and everyday business practices can affect human health and the environment. Each decision your business makes make regarding waste management, freight transportation, facility management, and product selection can have major impacts. Using the resources that are available to your business can assist you in making better facility management decisions.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Managing your facility in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner can not only help to reduce your carbon-footprint but can also save you money!