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Operating Controls & Operation


This on-line manual is not intended to be a substitution for the manual that came with your compactor. This on-line users manual does not contain all of the information included with the manual that comes with the purchase of a compactor. It is the responsibility of the installer to install in accordance with applicable codes, local ordinances, and the manufacturer's recommendations. Call WasteCare at 888-200-4100 888-200-4100 with any questions before attempting installation.

In this section...

  • Operation Indicators
  • Preparing the Compactor
  • Unloading the Compactor
  • Illustrated Operation

Operation Indicators

The upper service panel is equipped with one keyed selector switch and two push-buttons, START and EMERGENCY STOP. The following information briefly explains each control panel selection.

Selector Switch OFF

The START push-button is inoperable in this position and the key may be removed.

Selector Switch AUTO

Turn the switch to this position if you want to automatically cycle the compactor. After the switch is placed in the AUTO position and the START button is pushed, the compactor will start and make one complete cycle and then stop with the compaction plate at the top. The key may be removed in this position.

Selector Switch UP

Hold the switch in this position to raise the compaction plate -- when the compactor is full, the compaction plate will cycle downward and stop in the lower position. To raise the compaction plate, turn and hold key (left); in the UP position. The compaction plate will stop its upward motion as soon as you let go of the switch. This would normally only be used when ejecting the cube of trash or the bale of cardboard.

START Button

With both doors closed, push this button to start the compaction cycle. The compactor will make one complete cycle and shut off with the compaction plate at the top. If the loading door is opened at any time during the cycle, the compactor will shut off. If the START button is depressed with the loading door open, the motor will start, but the compaction plate will not move down.


This button will stop the machine, when pushed, at any time. Pushing this button will also reset the Full Indicator Buzzer when the compactor is full.

Red Indicator Light

This light will be lit when the compactor is full. The compacted cube of trash or bale of cardboard should be removed.

Green Indicator Light

This light will be lit whenever the compaction plate is moving.

Amber Indicator Light

This light indicates that the air Sanitizer is on.

Preparing the Compactor

  1. Open the service door by lifting up on the handle to release the pressure and then rotating it one-quarter turn clockwise. Remove the compacted trash or bale of cardboard from the compaction chamber.
  2. Remove the upper front panel and install a roll of specially designed plastic trash bags on the bag dispenser bar.
  3. Tear off one of the trash bags and insert it into the Container Cube. Make sure that you have a little extra bag in the bottom of the cube. Fold the top of the bag over the edge of the cube on the outside, and then turn up the excess bag towards the top of the cube forming a cuff on all four sides.
  4. Place a layer of cardboard in the bottom of the trash bag to help protect it from sharp objects and to help absorb liquids.
  5. Be sure the front of the cube is facing you as you insert the cube into the machine.
  6. Close and latch the door by rotating the handle one-quarter turn counterclockwise and then pushing down on the handle to secure it.
    Place the upper front panel back on the compactor.

    Unloading the Compactor

A full indicator light and buzzer will come one when the compactor is full and needs to be unloaded. The hydraulic ejector system can be used to eject the trash / cardboard from the compactor. Use the following steps to unload the compactor:

  1. You can stop the buzzer by pressing the EMERGENCY STOP button, but the full indicator light will remain on and the compactor plate will be down.
  2. Turn the selector switch to the UP position to raise the compactor plate about 4 to 5" above the top of the Cube.
  3. Turn the selector switch to OFF.
  4. Open the service door to expose the Cube of trash/cardboard.
  5. Unhook ejector strap from back wall of the compaction chamber and attach it to the ejector bracket on the top of the compaction plate behind the guide rods.
  6. Pull the bottom ring of the ejector strap until the second ring can be slipped over the ejector tab.
  7. Place the handcart in front of the compactor with the wheels to the side. Raise the lift platform level of the cart to the bottom of the Cube. Turn selector switch to the UP position, and the cube will be ejected as the compaction plate travels upward. Pull up on the side of the plastic bag and fold them over the trash. Push the trash and tape the bag closed.
  8. Remove the top section of the Cube by using the handles located on the sides of the Cube. Lift the Cube walls from its base, exposing the filled bag, leave the top section of the Cube inside the building.
  9. Transport the Cube to the dumpster sight. the handcart can then be elevated to the desired height where the Cube base can be slightly braced against the lip of the dumpster. Firmly holding the base with one hand, the bag can easily be pushed off into the dumpster with the other. After lowering the lift, return to the compactor.
  10. . Clean the top of the compaction plate and the compaction chamber with warm soapy water. Remove the ejector strap from compaction plate and replace it on the hook at the rear of the compaction chamber Unhook the second ring of the ejector strap from the ejector tab.
  11. Reassemble the Cube, insert a new bag and put the Cube in the compactor for the next load.
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