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Primary Reasons for the use of Automatic Trash Compactors


Primary Reasons Why the
Smart-Packs are the Smart Choice!

  • The Smart-Pack Team knows what customers need in an Automatic Compacting Receptacle because we have been pioneering and providing this technology since 1994. 

  • The Smart-Pack has 30 years of compactor manufacturing experience behind it, along with a team of professionals that have an impeccable record for quality, spanning over 25 models delivered worldwide. 

  • The Smart-Packs can reduce waste processing costs, improve the dining experience of dine-in guests and provide greater employee satisfaction towards work routines.

  • The Smart-Packs allow users the opportunity to streamline and organize waste processing so that trash detail can be scheduled, usually just 1 or 2 times per day during off-peak hours, thereby increasing labor productivity.

  • With ‘intelligent efficiency’ the Smart-Pack automatically compacts trash up to about 1/12th its original volume. (The equivalent of 10 or more 25-gallon containers into one Smart-Pack before needing to be emptied.)

  • The Smart-Packs don’t overflow and also help resolve the problem of leaks that are common with regular bins.

  • Patrons no longer have to constantly experience the horrible sights and smells of trash being taken out and they no longer have to touch an unsanitary waste deposit door. This presents a much cleaner atmosphere to patrons.

  • Smart-Packs can be purchased, leased or rented for just a few dollars per day (prorated), with paybacks on labor alone being reported to be more than triple the costs, not to mention tax benefits and savings in other areas such as waste hauling.

  • The state-of-the-art optional Programming System allows users to customize the Smart-Pack’s functionality.  Easily control various functions of each individual unit, such as the compaction cycle frequency or the number of waste deposit door openings before a compaction cycle occurs.  Also, use the Programming System to advertise menu items or entertain patrons with messages that play from the Smart-Pack (using existing ‘wav’ files available from many sources, including the Internet, or by easily recording your own messages). 

  • The ‘service’ messages (and flashing light) talk to employees so that they know when to empty the Smart-Packs.

  • The Smart-Packs have a top quality appliance appearance, as well as a large selection of exteriors that can be easily blended with almost any decor package and are flexible enough to adapt to many types of applications.

  • The ease of plug-in ready operation is appealing to construction managers and owner / operators.

  • The Smart-Pack is an appliance workhorse with many benefits, efficiencies & quick paybacks.

  • The level of Smart-Pack integration, flexibility and user control provides excellent user-friendliness and ease of upgrade-ability.

  • The Smart-Packs ‘Smart Door’ allows for a real no-touch opening of the waste deposit door, which patrons appreciate for convenience and cleanliness, and also offers excellent benefits to the physically handicapped.

  • For slower volume locations, the Smart-Pack Sanitizer System allows ‘stored trash’ to remain in the unit for up to one week without having to be emptied, free of odor concerns. In addition to allowing lower volume locations the opportunity to achieve excellent paybacks in the same manner as high volume locations, this feature also addresses odor and sanitation concerns that are normal with trash bin areas in general (even when the regular bins are constantly being emptied).

  • The automatic door opener is an integration of two ‘time-proven’ technologies allowing for extra reliability.

  • The Smart-Pack interior has been designed for easy cleaning, including a totally stainless steel chamber area and a coated steel compaction plate that is flat and easy to clean. In addition, the chamber area (where the trash is accumulated) is completely welded with no rivets or screws, which allows for easy cleaning.  This also keeps liquids from getting behind these areas, which could otherwise cause premature aging and rusting. 

  • The Smart-Pack exteriors are easily interchangeable (for a nominal cost) should there be a change in décor. 

  • A ‘no-handling’ system of Smart-Pack trash removal keeps employees from having to pick up or handle trash. 

  • The Smart-Packs can be purchased with extended warranties covering both parts & labor.

  • And….  many other great highlights, features and benefits too numerous to mention.

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