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Smart-Pack Quick Payback Considerations

Net Daily Benefits

  1. Smart-Pack Purchases (*$2 per day per unit) - No Nonsense Pricing 

  2. Smart-Pack Leases        (*$3 per day per unit) - Lease to Own $1 Buyout;3 Yrs)

  3. Smart-Pack Rentals       (*$4 per day per unit) - Certain Conditions/Restrictions Apply  

Note: *Approximate, Amortized Amounts


For Just $2 - $4 Per Day Per Unit - Benefits can be about $8 - $10 / Day Per Unit

Basic Package:

Smart-Pack, Automatic Compacting Receptacle(s)

LiftCart  (Optional; 1 per location)

  • The liftcart allows for easy, ?no-handling? transporting of compacted trash to the dumpster.

  • A built-in winch is used to elevate the trash, eliminating the need to pick up and handle the cube of compacted trash.

  • Compact design for easy storage.

Freight / delivery
  • Deliveries can be scheduled during off-peak hours to help avoid disruptions.
'Plug in Ready' operation upon delivery
Warranty service coverage
  • Standard warranty coverage plus the option for longer term extended coverage.  
Help Desk ? Basic Phone support to help answer employee questions

Programming System (Optional; 1 per location)

  • Customize messages on the ?talking feature? of the Smart-Pack

  • Customize various system operation options on the Smart-Pack to meet your particular needs

For an investment (amortized) of just $2 - $4 per day per unit

An opportunity to obtain the Following Daily Benefits (Approximate):

$8 - $10 per unit / per day in Labor Productivity benefits

  • Reduce trash detail by several hours per day - Plus reduce labor requirements = more productivity
  • Eliminate overflowing trash bins
  • Reduce or eliminate leaks and spills when taking out the trash
  • Reduce business disruptions and costly labor used to clean up leaks around trash bins
  • Redirect all the saved employee time to more productive tasks
  • Employees time can be scheduled for trips to the dumpster (usually just 1 time each day during off-peak hours)
  • Increase the likelihood that patrons will get better customer service due to more labor availability
  • Kids love the talking feature so much that they oftentimes clean the tables for your employees
  • Employee morale is boosted since trash detail is one of the most disliked employee tasks

$1 - $3 per unit / per day in Waste Hauling savings

  • Compacted waste takes up much less dumpster space than loose waste (The equivalent of 10 or more of the 25 gallon size traditional trash receptacles of trash can be reduced down to one small, easy-to-handle 2?x 2? compacted cube)
  • There is a 'hidden' charge by waste haulers for overflowing dumpsters (which can be eliminated)
  • On a monthly basis the waste generated weighs the same; whether loose or compacted ?Substantially reduce the number of ?tips?
  • 80% of the Waste Hauler?s charges are rooted in transportation costs to disposal facilities; Reduced waste hauling transportation requirements (less pick-ups) means savings to you (plus much more savings if you know how to work with waste haulers).

$1 - $2 per unit / per day in Trash Liner savings

  • Although the heavy duty trash bags are more expensive, the requirements for trash liners can be reduced by as much as a 12 or 15 to1 ratio (and this is also assuming that the 'regular' trash bins are being single-lined). 

$2 - $4 per unit / per day in possible increased profits from advertising (Requires the optional Programming System)

  • The state-of-the-art Programming System can be used for advertising desserts or specials, or to entertain your patrons.  Very easy to use; Software driven; Choose any existing 'wave' (or sound) files or create your own recordings quickly & easily.

$1 - $2 per unit / per day in possible pilferage savings

  • Reducing employees trips to the dumpster means much less chance for pilferage


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