Landfill Crime Results In Fine

In yet another cautionary tale for both employers and employees, in Tennessee, three men have been arrested for their involvement with a criminal scrap metal theft from a regional landfill.

According to state and federal investigators, two of the men were employed at the landfill and the third was a manager. They were charged with theft in excess of one thousand dollars and for conspiracy to commit a theft. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations started investigating the crimes during August of last year.

Based on the outcome of the criminal investigation, it was determined that the landfill manager had conspired with two landfill employees to identify and load scrap metal found on the site in a separate disposal container. When the container became full, they would secretly sell the materials and split the profits.

The three were convicted and released on bond. Two of the employees have already been fired.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Recycling scrap metal can bring in big money. Are you doing everything you can to make sure your employees aren’t tempted into stealing and breaking the law? Negative publicity for your community or business is never good news, so make sure people are following the rules!