Cities Save On Garbage Disposal

In municipalities where trash disposal is provided for residents, it’s typically considered part of the routine taxes that are paid or incorporated into monthly water and sewer bills. However, a trend is growing where individuals are being charged per amount of waste disposed in an effort to increase recycling and re-use rates.

Tulsa, Oklahoma has recently adopted a pay-per-throw systems which charges more to those who throw more into their garbage. Those who reduce their waste output or increase recycling, pay less. The new policy has received favorable responses from those residents wanting to save money and reduce the amount of space needed in regional landfills. While recycling is not required of residents, it certainly contributes to reducing the amount of overall trash.

Prior to the start of the new collection policy, the city had less than fifteen thousand recyclers using city-provided bins. Now, over one hundred thousand residents are recycling and overall tonnage of recyclable material has dramatically increased. The city estimates that it is saving close to four thousand dollars every week in waste disposal fees due to increased recycling activity.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: It’s a plain and simple fact, if your town, business, or home is not making an effort to recycle, then you are walking away from money each trash collection day!