A Beautiful Landfill For Hawaii

Wondering how to get residents and businesses to recycle more in your community? Take a lesson from government officials on the big island of Hawaii and spruce up your transfer station! Hawaiians says their newly re-designed transfer station is one of the most beautiful place on the island and as a result, there has been an increase in recycling efforts.

The landfill re-design was part of an effort to instill a sense of pride and community well-being as curb-side pick-up is not offered on the main island. Residents must bring trash and recyclables to one of 21 facilities where the materials are self-sorted – if the resident does not sort, then all materials are sent to the landfill.

The facilities were originally build in the 1970s and have suffered much wear and tear. Five years ago, officials decided to begin the re-modeling process so that residents would enjoy bringing their waste in and staying to properly sort the recyclables.The facilities are now drive-up in design and provide large bins for various types of waste, making it easy for residents to know what is accepted and where to put it. Some of the facilities also have taken advantage of renewable energy such as solar electricity and rainwater harvesting – thus cutting down on expenses. As a result, an increase of 15% has been seen in the waste recycling rate.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: What does your community transfer station look like? When a space is clean and well cared for, people are more likely to respect it and work to keep it that way. Can a little housekeeping increase the waste recycling rate in your town? It certainly did in Hawaii!