Hazardous Chemicals Need Safe Management

Three waste management facilities in Utah must pay fines for failure to adhere to Risk Management Program policies related to the Clean Air Act. In addition to the monetary fines, the businesses must also correct the cited violations for use of toxic chemicals. The Clean Air Act requires that all facilities have established Risk Management Program policies if they handle, use, store, process, or manufacture hazardous chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine. Not having approved policies can place the general public and surrounding environment at risk should an accidental spill or air release happen.

The Utah facilities were inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency which discovered violations in the areas of programs for preventing accidental hazardous chemical spills and policies to minimize the effects of accidental releases should they occur. The three waste management facilities are responsible for storing extremely hazardous chemicals in large quantities and thus subject to federal and state regulations for ensuring the safety of area residents and the surrounding environment.

Establishing strong and effective risk management policies assists businesses in operating in a responsible manner toward their employees and community, and also provides valuable information to emergency response personnel in the event of an accidental spill or release.  The three businesses have certified that they are now fully compliant with Risk Management Program requirements.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your facility deals with hazardous chemicals it is essential that you establish and conform to Risk Management Program policies. Failure to do so endangers your employees, your community, and the environment – and can also land you in court facing legal action and fines. Do what’s right and follow the law!