Reduce Your Waste And Save

The best way for a business to reduce their generated waste is to cut back on how much waste is generated. By cutting back on waste generation, businesses can help to save our natural resources and cut their costs for waste removal and disposal. Cutting back on the amount of waste we generate is essential as the average amount of waste generated per person has increased to almost four and a half pounds each day.

Think about the product or service your business provides and identify where waste might lie in your design, manufacturing, purchasing, or service process. Redesigning product packaging to use less materials, eliminating the use of certain toxic or hazardous materials, or making changes in office procedures (eliminating a printer, mandating recycling…) are all strategies known to be effective in reducing waste. When you reduce your cost to manufacture or deliver a service, that means a larger profit for your business. Increased profits can then be used to reward employees or be passed along to the consumer in terms of lower pricing.

From a business perspective, it’s almost impossible to eliminate all waste, however, for the waste that is generated, see if there are options in your community for donation and re-use of unwanted materials. There are many places around the country designed for re-selling construction and demolition refuse – instead of paying for disposal of these items, you’re business can donate them and save some money instead!

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Keep your business running lean and effectively. Periodically check your systems and see where “waste” might be accumulating. You’ll be surprised what you might find!