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Hazleton: envyrozone.com The Hazleton is Envyrozone’s flagship product line. It is the global leader in streetscape recycling containment. This award winning design delivers industry leading contamination rates and reduced maintenance while enhancing your spaces and streetscapes, even in the harshest climates. Envyrozone’s patented advertising capability allows you to showcase your commitment to sustainability while providing the opportunity to display advertising or community messaging. The Hazleton is available in stainless steel or colored powder coated finishes. You can choose from several removal options and 1 to 5 stream collection options. Envyrozone is a recycling and waste disposal products and solutions company that takes a unique approach to clean space. We have turned the industry upside down by reinventing a line of recycling and waste management products that place an unmatched emphasis on function and aesthetic appeal. The age of Environmental Responsibility is here. At Envyrozone we are constantly looking for more ways to reduce our carbon footprint while helping our customers to reduce theirs. Envyrozone is striving to develop products that will help our customers projects qualify for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systemâ„¢. To that end we are committed to finding ways to increase our use of repurposed and recycled materials while reducing our use of new materials. Envyrozone Corporate Headquarters 25
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The process of recycling food waste products to avoid landfill. Each product is brought into the site, de-packed and the component parts recycled. No product goes to landfill.